Worthless Checks

The Worthless Checks Division is responsible for administering the District Attorney's obligations under the State Law for issuing Worthless Checks. Typically, this involves working with Merchants who have accepted a check for payment of goods and services only to discover that the check was issue on an account that had insufficient funds or was closed. When a merchant receives a worthless check, a letter must be sent out allowing the person 10 days to pick up the check and pay the required service fees. If there is no response, the merchant will bring the worthless checks to this office. We will then attempt the same procedure. If we get no response, an arrest warrant will be issued. Once the merchant turns the checks over to this office, there is no cost to him for collection. The person responsible for writing the worthless checks is liable for all fees. Approximately 75% of all worthless checks brought to the District Attorney's Office are collected for merchants.

Merchant Worthless Checks Info Packet
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Merchant Letter to Complete
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