Misdemeanor Probation

Misdemeanor probation cases are assigned by a judge who sentences the defendant to supervised probation with court ordered conditions. Once a defendant is placed on misdemeanor probation by the judge, he is assigned a probation officer with the District Attorney's Misdemeanor Probation Office who monitors his case each month for the terms of their probationary period. Typically, a judge will sentence a person who commits a misdemeanor crime to one or more of the following (depending on their crimes): hours of community service, random drug and alcohol screenings, attendance at a church of the defendant's choice, defensive driving, work toward acquiring their high school equivalency diploma, and/or a fine. 


All defendants on misdemeanor probation must pay a monthly fee and visit their probation officer monthly for the entire time they are on probation. Out of Parish/State defendants may be allowed to participate in the program by complying with conditions in their home parish/state and conducting monthly appointments by phone. 


If the defendant does not comply with the conditions of their probation, a warrant can be issued for his arrest, and be returned to court for modification of terms of probation or ordered to serve his original sentence.