EPISODE 11: In this episode, District Attorney Stephen Dwight and Chief of Staff James McGee sit down with Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Gary "Stitch" Guillory to discuss the importance of relationships between law enforcement agencies. Chief Deputy Guillory explains the importance of building leadership teams and how agencies have to have a good relationship to ensure optimum public safety and trust. Calcasieu Parish is one of the only areas in the state that has great working relationships between all law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney's Office.

Deputy Chief Guillory explains that his passion is to give back to the community, and working for the Sheriff's Office allows him to do that on a large scale. He also explains some of the hardships law enforcement agencies are experiencing in today's society and what he thinks needs to change. 

EPISODE TEN: District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with Judge Kendrick Guidry and Bill Williams, LPC, to discuss Veteran's Treatment Court. This specialty court aims to help Veterans with criminal offenses, get back on the right path through mentorship, counseling, and much more. This episode is packed with community resources and gives an in depth look on how the 14th Judicial District and various community partners,  gives their full support to Veterans participating in Veteran's Treatment Court. 

EPISODE NINE: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and this episode will Domestic Violence which could trigger some listeners. In this episode, District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with Special Victims Unit Section Chief Hope Buford, as well as Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Detective Senior Sergeant Tomas Juarez to discuss their time and experience investigating and prosecuting domestic violence cases. Buford and Juarez share valuable community resources available to domestic violence victims, warning signs to look for, and how to report and get help. This episode gives listeners and a first hand look into the lives of what some domestic violence victims go through and the the District Attorney's Office  and Law Enforcement agencies are with them every step of the way. 

EPISODE EIGHT: In this episode, District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with Chief of Litigation Bobby Holmes and Deputy Chief of Litigation Charles Robinson, both of who are on his executive team within the office. Bobby & Charles both started their careers as prosecutors in Orleans Parish and ultimately made their way to Calcasieu where they worked their way to the top. They both discuss how they like to try cases and what it means to them to seek justice for families. We also dive a little deeper to discuss the challenging roads that led them to where they are today. It's an episode you don't want to miss! 

EPISODE SEVEN: In this episode, District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with First Assistant District Attorney Jacob Johnson to discuss what contributed to Johnson's success at such a young age. Johnson shares why he wanted to be a prosecutor, things he has learned along the way, and why he is passionate about giving immediate and continuous training to the attorneys at the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney's office. Johnson was also a prosecutor on the trial team that prosecuted the Death Sentence of Kevin Daigle. This episode is packed with educational information on Death Sentence trials, prosecutor development and gives an inside look at who Jacob Johnson is. 

EPISODE SIX: District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with former Louisiana Senator and current Louisiana State Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns. Mr. Johns discusses his time serving as a former Senator and how he is currently serving the State of Louisiana as Chairman of the Gaming Control Board. In addition, we discuss sports betting, the regulations Mr. Johns created and oversees, the fight against Human Trafficking, and the Humanitarian work Mr. Johns continues to do. 

EPISODE FIVE: In this episode District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with David Duplechin with the Children's Advocacy Center (CAC). David is a Vice President of Family & Youth, the home of the Calcasieu Parish CAC, and has been doing this work for 20 years. David explains the CAC is a child friendly environment where children ages 2-17 can safely share their story of sexual or physical abuse. We have mentioned the CAC in nearly every episode, because it is a vital part in bringing justice to child victims of abuse. This episode will answer all your questions about the CAC and what they do. 

To contact Family & Youth visit their website at www.fyca.org or call 337-436-9533.

EPISODE FOUR: In this episode District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with Lieutenant Jacob Dore and Sergeant LeAnn Adams from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office Sex Crimes Division. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and to educate the public and advocate for victims of sexual assault, Lieutenant Dore and Sergeant Adams share what their jobs entail, what grooming behaviors are, and give advice to parents on what to look out for. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, please call the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-491-3605. If you would like an educational presentation please email Captain Beth McGee at bmcgee@cpso.com. 

EPISODE THREE: In this episode Calcasieu Parish District Attorney Stephen Dwight sits down with Judge Sharon Wilson to discuss her time as a prosecutor, private practice attorney, district judge, as well as, 3rd circuit court of appeal judge. Judge Wilson also talks about why she thinks only 30% of judges are women and what she would like to see change. This episode is packed with inspiration and encouragement for those that wish to accomplish a dream of theirs.

EPISODE TWOIn this episode Calcasieu Parish District Attorney Stephen Dwight and Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso discuss how effective communication between community leaders greatly benefits public safety.

EPISODE ONE: In this episode District Attorney Stephen Dwight discusses how his former State Representative seat prepared him for his role as District Attorney. We discuss his achievements and things that surprised him during his first year in office and what he is looking forward to. 

The Calcasieu Crime Cast is a podcast presented by the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney's Office where we discuss community issues and achievements with District Attorney Stephen Dwight and various community leaders. 

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