DA Announces Partnership with McNeese and School Board

On September 7, 2022, District Attorney Stephen Dwight announced a partnership between the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office, Calcasieu Parish School Board, and McNeese Athletics called Rowdy for Success.
In addition to the District Attorney’s Office Early Intervention Program, this partnership will provide extra support to encourage student success in the classroom and at home. This partnership aims to promote positive behaviors by using students, athletes, and coaches from our community that most elementary-age students admire. The District Attorney’s Office believes that showing area students what they can achieve with hard work will motivate them to improve their effort and behavior at school.
In the program's first year, the focus will be on 5th-grade level students because they are starting middle school the following year. The original goal of the Early Intervention Program is to use early interventions to correct potential delinquent behavior at the elementary level.
“This is a great day for Southwest Louisiana and our students,” said District Attorney Stephen Dwight. “I’m excited for these students and hope they see that they have a community and resources available to them if they are at a crossroads. Our office, as well as the School Board and McNeese, saw the need for something that would get students motivated, and we came together to think outside the box and ultimately created Rowdy for Success. I hope that the coaches and athletes of McNeese can share their stories and inspire our area students to never give up despite the challenges they face and show them that with hard work, anything is possible. I believe this program will change students' lives and hopefully keep them out of the juvenile justice system,” ended Dwight.
The Rowdy for Success program will include:
• 30-minute Rallies held at various elementary schools throughout the school year
• Athletes, coaches, and other influential participants representing McNeese and the District Attorney’s Office.
• Motivational speakers with common backgrounds of students.
The first Rowdy for Success rally will kick off on September 15th.