The Impact Agency

Impact Agency mentoring initiative to curb incarceration rates in African American males. The Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s office is one of five agencies that sponsor’s this mentorship program. Recently student agents who participate in this program hosted a Forum to create communal engagement. Student participants presented an array of presentations addressing problems facing today’s youth. Each problem ranging from bullying, how to reach academic achievements, and respect for authority, was also accompanied by a solution. The program is sponsored by a multi-agency initiative including: the City of Lake Charles, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury, the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office.


For more information on the Impact Agency mentoring program contact Program Director, Braylon Harris at (337) 437-3400 ext: 3275.

About Our Mentors

Ronald Blanchard, Curriculum Coordinator

Relevant background in regards to the above title:

  • 40 years math & science educator
  • 2008 National Teachers Hall of Fame Inductee 
  • TAP(Teacher Advancement Program)Master Teacher
  • Founder/Director The Heritage Players (thespian group)
  • Author & Screenwriter
  • Social Activist
  • Filmmaker

Marital status: 

  • Wife, Peggy Guidry Blanchard (34 years)
  • Son, Ron Blanchard
  • Daughter, Deanne Blanchard Zachery
  • Daughter, Professor Doris Blanchard

Educational Background:

  • Washington Marion High School 1972
  • Biology Education, B.S.   1977
  • Administration & Supervision, M.Ed.   1991

What’s your favorite part of the Impact Program:

The Impact Program is an amazing, effective concept because it addresses the “whole student”. We are not treating symptoms; we hope is to solve the problem. One of my favorite parts of the Program is that I am able to design lessons that are relevant to real issues that young African American male students face. Understanding the origins of each and every student within the Impact Agency, I am able to work with strengths as well as weaknesses to allow an individual to contribute to his own successes in learning and aspiring to be an asset to society. Ultimately, if I am effective, our young men can become their own “heroes”, looking within and not without!


What do you want the Impact Agents to gain from being a part of this program?

I want Impact Agents to gain a true understanding of the world around them. I want Agents to see that they are part of a global society and their preparation is a universal preparation as they seek to find their true purpose. Finally, I want Impact Agents to gain confidence, integrity, self-respect, and unyielding belief within themselves.


Why is mentorship so important to you?

Mentorship is critical to the preservation of future society. The reality that thousands of young African American males have no father or father figures in their lives creates a hopeless situation. Mentors can fill the void that is left and show them how to become men of valor and respect. True and effective mentorship creates unlimited opportunities to young men who have dreams to fulfill.

Braylon Harris, Impact Agency Program Director

“Coaching them through informed and empowered decision making moments has to be the best part of working with the agents of the Impact program.”



  • 7 years as Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church
  • 6 years as Admissions Counselor / Recruiter for Mcneese State University 
  • 4 years as Director of Upward Bound for Mcneese State University 

What do you want the impact agents to gain from being a part of this program?

Every student should be able to evaluate a engage opportunities by taking full advantage on how they can create massive change in their community. Creating a positive imprint that has positive results for years to come through these incredible young men.


Why is mentorship so important to you?

It is the reason I am who I am today and the only acceptable payment to those who have poured into me is to pay it forward. That is the only way that my achievement can be assessed as credible.

Eric Doshier, Recruitment & Retention Coordinator

“Growing up I didn’t have a mentor or someone to look after me. My father passed when I was very young and I told myself, given the opportunity I would always pour into young men in need.”



  • 25 years of mentoring experience.
  • Founded the first mentoring program servicing disadvantaged young men through PPG Industries 

What do you want the impact agents to gain from being a part of this program?

Helping these incredible young men to garnish a sense of self worth and a realization that the only limits that exist are the ones they place on themselves. 


What’s your favorite part of the Impact Program? 

The most fulfilling part of this program has to be watching the growth and progression in our young men. To see where they started from and where they are working towards going is priceless!