Adult Drug Treatment Court Program

The 14th Judicial District Adult Drug Treatment Court Program is a joint endeavor between the judges of the 14th Judicial District and Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John F. DeRosier. The Honorable David A. Ritchie and the Honorable G. Michael Canaday are the presiding judges over Drug Court. The 14th Judicial District Adult Drug Treatment Court Program was founded by those two judges and Mr. DeRosier in April of 2007.


The Drug Court Team members include Fiscal Administrator Laura Landry, Coordinator/Assistant District Attorney Carla S. Sigler, Associate Executive Director of the Calcasieu Parish Public Defender’s Office Mitchell P. Bergeron, an attorney from the Public Defender’s office, a case manager from the District Attorney’s Office, a treatment counselor, a treatment assistant, and a Louisiana DOC Probation Officer. Team members meet weekly to review Drug Court clients’ actions during the previous week, and to discuss the eligibility of potential clients. Team staffing is usually from 1:15 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, and Drug Court typically follows.


Drug Court clients are closely monitored by Drug Court team members, and they are subjected to random drug screens and intensive court supervision. Clients also receive therapy and counseling to assist in their rehabilitation. The program is designed to help non-violent drug offenders to get off of drugs and to stay off of them. It also helps clients to obtain education and employment, and to become productive members of society. It is funded and supervised by the Louisiana Supreme Court Drug Court Office.