Speed Termination Program-STP

The Calcasieu District Attorney's Office has teamed with the Louisiana State Police and Lake Charles Police Department to provide additional enforcement in areas of the parish that show a high crash or high violation volume.  These citations can be identified by a "B" in the box shown to the left.  Further information is available below. 




The program allows participants to have their citation considered for dismissal by the court date upon compliance with the following requirements:



  1. Carefully read the below attached Driver Safety Information brochure and the Pre-Trial Intervention Speed Termination Program Voluntary Request and Acknowledgment Form. 

  2. Determine proper amount of costs as listed in the table below. 
  3. For online payment go to http://www.calcasieudatix.com/ or call 1 (888) 304-5694.

  4. If paying by mail, return a signed copy of the Voluntary Request and Acknowledgement form.  Payment may be made by  MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK  made payable to DISTRICT ATTORNEY STPNO PERSONAL/COMPANY CHECKS OR CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Payment and form should be mailed to :



P.O. Box 3206

Lake Charles, La. 70602

Driver Safety Information
Driver Safety Information.pdf
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Voluntary request and Acknowledgement
STP Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 27.3 KB

You do not have to elect to participate in the diversion program. Should you choose not to participate, you may still contest your citation on your court date or pay the prefixed fine and court cost. Should you fail to comply with the above mentioned stipulations, your driving privileges will be suspended as indicated on your original citation.


Payment of these citations can be made before the court date by using the following schedule:


Miles over the speed limit                                    Cost

5-10                                                                   $125.00

11-20                                                                 $150.00

21-25                                                                 $175.00

26-29                                                                $225.00

30+                                                                    Mandatory Court - Please call (337) 437-3421

Multiple violations                                         Please call (337) 437-3421


No Seatbelt-LACE ONLY                       $25.00


Non-moving violation                            $100.00

(Expired inspection sticker,

expired license, simple littering

no proof of insurance, etc.)


Moving Violation                                        $150.00

(Run red light, following too closely,

texting while driving, etc.)


All DWI citations and citations for 100+ mph are not eligible for this program.  You must appear in court.


If you have received a DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION citation and have obtained a valid drivers license prior to your court date call (337) 437-3421.  All other DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSIONS must appear in court.


If you have any questions, please contact the Traffic STP Department at (337)437-3421.