Severe Child Abuse

The Severe Child Abuse Unit of the District Attorney's Office handles all aspects of the prosecution of cases involving severe child abuse. Severe child abuse is defined as physical or sexual abuse perpetrated on a person seventeen years of age or younger by a person who is over the age of seventeen years. The unit also prosecutes some special cases involving sexual abuse of persons with physical or mental disabilities. The unit is comprised of one assistant district attorney, one trial assistant and one secretary.


All cases assigned to the Severe Child Abuse Unit are reviewed by the assistant district attorney prior to being presented to the grand jury. If the case is indicted by the grand jury, the case proceeds to arraignment and is eventually resolved through a trial or through a plea. All cases assigned to the unit are handled by a single assistant district attorney from grand jury through the resolution of the case. The unit works closely with victims and their families to reach a satisfactory outcome that takes the victim's best interest into consideration.